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Emmanuel M. Awoonor

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My Message

I know we are all panicking and do not have enough answers to this pandemic facing us. I want to encourage you all to stay strong. In this light I created this site to help keep us all updated on what is happening around us daily. Please follow the bare directions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to stay safe.

Remember to:

  • Wash your hands frequenty after touching surfaces
  • Avoid handshakes
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Use your hand stanitiser after touching surfaces
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Avoid public places unless necessary for example grocery shopping
  • If you feel sick (headaches, coughs, heavy breathing), stay at home and call your health authorities

Why did I build this?

When Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation), I searched the internet for information on how and where the Coronavirus was spreading. I realised all the various sources I could get this information did not offer this in a simple form for me to really understand the data published. I think majority of the developers or agencies providing this information assumed everyone is a data scientist.

The company I work for took a good decision for most employees to work from home. I soon realised I have some free time on my hands after work since I didn't have to commute for work anymore. I built Covid-19 Guru to simplify this information for everyone to consume without needing a technical eye.

Where is the data from?

The data published here is from Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University made available through a REST API built by Mohammed Mustadi. I then crunch this information and group it by continent, country and state or province and present it in a simple and appealing way for the simple eye to consume.

What is new?

27 Apr 2020

  • Fixed USA recovery data that wasn't coming in. Since there is no breakdown for this data, it's a lump sum of all recoveries accross several states.

5 Apr 2020

  • Released Covid-19 Guru Telegram bot version 1.2
  • Fixed errors with heatmap where incoming geo-location data has some null values

30 Mar 2020

  • Launch subscription command on Telegram to get hourly or daily updates Covid-19 Guru Bot

26 Mar 2020

  • Launch Covid-19 Guru Telegram on LinkedIn. Chat with bot to get updates on a country by entering the name of country with confirmed cases. Covid-19 Guru Bot

23 Mar 2020

  • Created Telegram Bot.
  • Testing beta version of Telegram Bot with friends and family.

21 Mar 2020

  • Added charts to countries for confirmed, deaths, recoveries and active cases.

19 Mar 2020

  • Launched Covid-19 Guru to the world. Shared on LinkedIn.
  • Took a stub of Coronavirus data from JHU CSSE.
  • Added cronjob to santinise the incoming data.
  • Added RSS feed reader to get latest news on corovirus from BBC.
  • Added cronjob to compare today's data with yesterdays.
  • Added basic heatmap.
  • Added menus for mobile view.

18 Mar 2020

  • Launched Beta version of Covid-19 Guru to friends and family.
  • Fixed typos in text.